Get more from your URL shorteners

With Zapier, you can automatically create shortened URLs every time you publish content, add new products to your site, track links in a spreadsheet, easily monitor who interacts with your links, and more. Log in Automation Get more from your URL shorteners with automation Every time you shorten a URL, you want to put that […]

Automate your calendar events

With Zapier, you can automatically invite people to an existing Google Calendar event whenever trigger events happen in the other apps you use most. Log in Automation How to add attendees to Google Calendar events from Google Forms We can send robots to space and clone Barbra Streisand’s dogs,  but we’re still manually adding attendees […]

Eat the frog

If you have a habit of putting off important tasks, you can also develop a habit of doing important tasks first thing in the morning. Here’s how. Log in Productivity tips Eat the frog: A practical approach to reaching your goals This isn’t a Thanksgiving menu recommendation (though you do you). Eat the frog is […]

Autopopulate a Google Docs template

Here’s how to automatically populate a Google Docs template with Google Sheets data. Log in Automation How to create and autopopulate a Google Docs template Templates are time-savers, but if you’re filling them in manually, you’re only reaping some of the benefits. As much fun as it is to Mad Libs an important document and […]

Automatically create tasks from calendar events

Wouldn’t it be nice to have new calendar events automatically added to your task management app as they were created? Log in Automation How to automatically create tasks from calendar events That what-did-I-even-do-this-week feeling can be rough. By making sure your meetings are tracked in your to-do list, you’ll have a more accurate picture of […]

How to choose an app builder

Learn about the kinds of app builders available, their strengths, their weaknesses, and what level of knowledge you need to use their every feature. Log in App tips How to choose an app builder If you’re not a developer, building an app might feel impossible. But really, you’ve probably already done it without even realizing. […]

Save Gmail attachments to Google Drive

Simplify your file management process by automatically saving your email attachments to your cloud storage app. Log in Automation How to automatically save Gmail attachments to a Google Drive folder There’s nothing more frustrating than spending 15 minutes looking for an email attachment you know your boss sent you a couple months ago, only to realize […]

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