Plane productivity

Because planes are so different from our normal working environments, it takes some experimenting to find what plane-work routine is best for you. Log in Productivity 12 tips for actually getting work done on a plane There are plenty of reasons you might need to work on a plane. Maybe you’re traveling for work. Maybe […]

Visualize your workflows

Learn how one marketing agency increased client conversions 35% with Zapier Canvas. Log in Automation How a marketing agency increased client conversions 35% with Zapier Canvas I love a good piece of graph paper as much as the next person, but when you’re mapping out complex processes, it’s time to go digital.   That’s what […]

Add conditional logic to your workflows

Paths, one of Zapier’s built-in tools, allows you to split an automatic workflow into multiple branches—each with its own set of actions. Log in Automation Zapier Paths: Add conditional logic to your workflows Even simple automations can change the way you work. But once your workflows start looking like an evidence board from a made-for-TV […]

Track your goals

Learn how to build a goal tracker in Notion, with a pre-made template to get you started. Log in App tips Stay on track with this Notion goals template Notion is a powerful way to manage…everything. But setting up the nuanced systems that power it can be a slog. That’s why our resident Notion aficionado, […]

Let AI build your Zaps

Zapier’s AI-powered Copilot can give you a jumpstart to helping you automate your workflows—even if you have virtually zero automation experience. Log in Automation Zapier Copilot: Let AI build Zaps for you Automating with no-code is already easy, but when you add AI into the mix, it becomes downright breezy. Zapier Copilot is an AI-powered […]

Claude vs. ChatGPT

To compare these two AI juggernauts, we ran over a dozen tests to gauge their performance on different tasks. Log in App comparisons Claude vs. ChatGPT: What’s the difference? For a while there, ChatGPT was synonymous with AI chatbot. But now there are some new kids in town, and Claude is making waves.   Here, […]

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